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Previous Events

Official CHC PDF-1.jpg
Official CHC PDF-1.jpg
DIABETES Awareness 2021 (1).jpg


This presentation focused on Diabetes Awareness. Dr. Judith Castillo presented.  We covered Diabetes Type 1 & 2, risk factors, signs and symptoms and diet followed by Q&A.  We also had a presentation by Kellie Gilbert Community Health Educator at CHNCT on sugar intake. 

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Dr. Ann Strong presented on many aspects of menopause such as what is menopause, signs & symptoms, age of onset, coping mechanisms including treatment options followed by Q&A.

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This presentation focused on some aspects of Men's Health. It was geared towards Men and the importance of preventive care. It also focused on Hypertension, Obesity and Colorectal Cancer screening followed by Q&A.

COVID-19: Understanding Variants

Dr. Jaimie Meyer of Yale Infectious Disease presented on virus variants including the Delta Variant.  She explained what they are, how they work, and provided vaccination information followed by Q&A.answered.

COVID-19 & Our Health #5 PNG.png

COVID-19 & Our Health Update

Epidemiologists Emma Allen and Dorothy Cohen from the New Haven Health Department presented and gave updates on Covid-19 in our community. They provided statistical information including the current mandates to stop the spread. 

Stroke Awareness 2021 (1).png

Stroke Awareness 2021

Dr. Michele H. Johnson presented on Stroke Awareness. What is stroke, the signs and symptoms along with diagnostic imaging.  Treatment was reviewed followed by Q &A .

Heart Health Awareness.png

Heart Health Awareness 2021

Dr. Oyere Onuma presented on the effects of heart disease, prevention as well as the health disparities in our community.  Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans and African Americans are 2 times more likely to die (CDC). 



Understanding The Vaccine

This event was focused on informing the community on the effectiveness of the vaccine and how it works followed by Q&A.

Diabetes_ Are you aware_.png

Diabetes Awareness

Endocrinologist Dr. Judith Castillo presented on various aspects of diabetes. Also Community Health Educator Kellie Gilbert, of CHNCT presented on sugar intake Awareness followed by Q&A

Breast Cancer Awareness.png

Breast Cancer Awareness

The presenters were Oncologist Dr. Andrea Silber and Radiologist Dr. Madhavi Raghu. The topics included breast cancer in African American women, early detection, family history, the BRCA gene and genetic testing. The increased risks of Triple Negative breast CA in AA women was discussed as well followed by Q&A.  

COVID-19 & Our Health_ Transmission & Th

COVID-19 & Our Health:

Transmission & The Effects

In this presentation, Maritza Bond the Director of Health and Brian Weeks Epidemiologist for the city of New Haven provided an update on COVID in our community.  Dr. Mark Siegel from Yale Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine w presented on transmission and the effects of the virus followed by Q & A.  

COVID-19 (1).png

COVID-19 & Our Health

This event was focused on COVID-19 and the health of our community. Maritza Bond, the Director of Health for the city of New Haven provided an update on COVID and answered questions. Chanelle Golson shared her story and Alethea Stewart, RN shared from a nursing standpoint. 


Hypertension Awareness

High blood pressure is one of the chronic health issues in our community.  Dr. Elissa Altin, an Interventional Cardiologist from YNHH Heart & Vascular Center presented on high blood pressure its effects on the body, prevention and diet. 

Women's Heart Health Awareness.png

Women's Heart Health Awareness

This event was focused on Women’s Heart Health. Our presenters Dr. Michele Johnson and Katherine Tucker, DNP presented on the heart disease and stroke. We also had Community Health Educator Dianisi Torres from CHNCT gave a presentation from there Fat Attack program. Telisha Jackson shared her story.

Copy of Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Mammographer Jacquelyn Crenshaw RT(R) (M) and Radiologist Dr. Liva Andrejeva from YNHH Smilow Cancer Center.  The importance of mammograms, early detection, breast imaging was reviewed and Carol Huckaby of Sister’s Journey shared her story.

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